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Custom HDPE Sheet Extrusion System Installed

Macro announces the successful installation of a custom-built extrusion line in Southern Ontario.

The custom line uses an in-line thermoforming process, followed by lamination to produce specialty HDPE sheeting for the home construction industry. The line can produce sheet with thickness ranging from 0.4 mm to 1.0 mm, at speeds up to 20 m/min (65 fpm). The line features an 8" MacroPlast extruder designed for an output up to 1200 kg/hour (2650 lb/hour), a 3050 mm (120 inch) autoprofile flat die, and a fully adjustable 3400 mm (124 inch) casting unit.

The highest level of customization occurs at the end of the line where a sophisticated winding, taping and labeling system was developed to meet the customer’s needs. A highly customized turret winder was designed for coreless winding and can perform cut and roll transfers once every minute. The taping and labeling system, which is incorporated into the winder’s turret, operates at the same speed. The wound, taped and labeled rolls are then transported by an unloading cart to an over-wrapping station for packaging. The line also contains a customized slitting station to allow the line to run 3-up. This means the line can produce 180 fully taped and labeled rolls every hour.

The line was installed as a complete turn-key package and has been in operation since mid-2007.


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About Macro 

Macro Engineering & Technology is a global supplier of film and sheet extrusion systems that specializes in barrier film lines and custom engineered extrusion systems. Founded in 1978, Macro’s approach is to help film and sheet producers reach their production goals through a project-oriented philosophy and an uncompromising commitment to developing innovative technologies. 


Macro manufactures blown, cast and biaxially-oriented coextrusion lines for multilayer films up to 13-layers. The company also supplies sheet extrusion lines for specialty applications, along with extrusion coating and laminating lines. Macro also specializes in developing customized winding solutions and supplies winding equipment to meet the needs of complex requirements. 

Macro’s equipment is used throughout the world to manufacture value-added products in the food packaging, medical, and industrial markets. 


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