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Macro Offers Thermal Imaging on Production Lines

Macro’s Supercom Supervisory and Control System for blown and cast film lines has recently been upgraded to include an optional thermal imaging system that allows processors to monitor bubble temperatures from anywhere an internet connection is available.
thermal imagingThe system consists of one or more infrared cameras that target specific points on the bubble to monitor temperatures. The data is displayed in real-time on the Supercom HMI and stored by the supervisory system for future analyses. The system can also be used to monitor a configurable zone to provide a broader range of observation. Alarms are easily programmed to bring attention to any temperatures that fall out of the desired maximum and minimum thresholds. In addition to on-site alarm signals, an email is automatically generated with a snapshot of the screen and sent to offsite personnel for immediate notification of temperature-related problems. 
The cameras can also be directed at specific line equipment, such as the die or extruders, to monitor preheating during early morning or overnight startups when supervision may be limited. If equipment temperatures reach unsafe levels the system will automatically shut down heating to avoid damage to the line.
The upgraded software allows the user to run analysis tools, set up alarms and scheduled data collection events, and adjust the cameras settings.

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About Macro 

Macro Engineering & Technology is a global supplier of film and sheet extrusion systems that specializes in barrier film lines and custom engineered extrusion systems. Founded in 1978, Macro’s approach is to help film and sheet producers reach their production goals through a project-oriented philosophy and an uncompromising commitment to developing innovative technologies. 


Macro manufactures blown, cast and biaxially-oriented coextrusion lines for multilayer films up to 13-layers. The company also supplies sheet extrusion lines for specialty applications, along with extrusion coating and laminating lines. Macro also specializes in developing customized winding solutions and supplies winding equipment to meet the needs of complex requirements. 

Macro’s equipment is used throughout the world to manufacture value-added products in the food packaging, medical, and industrial markets. 


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