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Macro to Showcase Double-Bubble Technology at K-2010

Canadian film and sheet extrusion systems manufacturer, Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., is focusing it’s K-2010 efforts on specialty markets.  With the great majority of the company’s success stemming from specialty and custom built machinery, Macro’s goal at K is to open channels of communication with processors that are looking to develop a unique product or expand into a specialty market.

On display at Macro’s booth (Hall 16, Stand A18) will be a 7-layer TaperPack die, which is the heart of the company’s DXL-7000 Series of Double-Bubble Lines.  These lines are used primarily for the production of multilayer tubing for shrink bags used as meat and cheese packaging.  The film offers excellent barrier to water, oxygen and aromas, as the primary barrier material in the film can be PVdC, EVOH or PA.  The film also features shrinkage (MD/TD) of 40-60%, superior puncture resistance, and is heat sealable and printable.

Improvements to the DXL Series have been made over the past six months to improve the stability of the bubble and enhance gauge control.  Macro reports that it’s DXL lines are among the company’s best selling extrusion systems in 2010.

As with other Macro lines, the DXL line is offered as a total processing solution complete with resin specification and operator training. 

More information about Macro’s Double Bubble Technology

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About Macro 

Macro Engineering & Technology is a global supplier of film and sheet extrusion systems that specializes in barrier film lines and custom engineered extrusion systems. Founded in 1978, Macro’s approach is to help film and sheet producers reach their production goals through a project-oriented philosophy and an uncompromising commitment to developing innovative technologies. 


Macro manufactures blown, cast and biaxially-oriented coextrusion lines for multilayer films up to 13-layers. The company also supplies sheet extrusion lines for specialty applications, along with extrusion coating and laminating lines. Macro also specializes in developing customized winding solutions and supplies winding equipment to meet the needs of complex requirements. 

Macro’s equipment is used throughout the world to manufacture value-added products in the food packaging, medical, and industrial markets. 


For more information about Macro Engineering & Technology Inc. contact us.