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Quadex-3Bi and Quadex-3Bw
Barrier Shrink Film Lines

Coextrusion Line for Barrier Shrink Films


Macro's Barrier Quadex-3B  Series (3Bi and 3Bw) of coextrusion Quadex film lines produces high-performance multilayer barrier shrink films for food packaging applications, such as meat, cheese, and poultry packaging shrink films and shrink bags.  Configured in a Quadex-3B arrangement, the line efficiently performs the three basic processes of producing Quadex (bbiaxially-oriented) films: extrusion, orientation, and annealing.


Using Macro’s Macropack die, along with carefully designed extrusion screws, each extrusion module allows the processor to extrude a wide variety of polymers from PVdC to EVOH, and Nylon; allowing flexibility to adapt the product to market needs.


The line features Macro’s primary tube calibration system, specially designed by Macro for the Quadex process. The quenching system ensures that the primary tube is efficiently cooled and precisely calibrated with simple operation that allows for adjustments to be made without stopping the line, generating cost savings from reduced scrap generation during production changes.




Depending on the model, the line is equipped with either a water-based, or infrared-based orientation system, which initiates the MD/TD orientation process to accurately blow the second bubble. The orientation unit allows fast start-ups and the stability to perform long runs without bubble breaks. It also provides the processor with control of the shrink properties and thickness of the final film.

​Annealing of the film is performed on the third bubble with infrared heaters. 

The line is equipped with a gauge randomizing unit and Macro’s Automax-S surface winder, which features programmable tension tapering and automatic cutovers.





Key Features


  • Versatile extrusion technology can produce films with a variety of barrier resins including EVOH, PA (Nylon) and PVdC
  • Controllable film shrink properties
  • Stable process that allows for long production runs without bubble breaks





  • Fresh meat packaging shrink film and bags
  • Processed meat packaging shrink film and bags
  • Cheese packaging shrink film and bags
  • Poultry packaging shrink film
  • Seafood packaging shrink film
  • Meat casings