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Blown Film Coextrusion Dies

Intelligent design for optimized production




We recognize that differing market demands and applications make it difficult for one die type to be effective across all sizes and extrusion applications. To address this issue, Macro has tailored its die designs into four main designs.


MacroPack-TP Coextrusion Die

Up to 500mm diameter
3 - 13 layers

Simple Maintenance




MacroPack-FP Coextrusion Die


Up to 800mm diameter
3 - 13 layers
Temperature Isolation

Short Coextrusion time




MacroPack-MPC Coextrusion Die 


500 - 2000 mm (20"-80") diameter
3 to 9 layers
Low wetted surface area

Simplified maintenance







MacroPack-CP Coextrusion Die 


200 - 1000 mm (8"-40") diameter
Up to 3 layers
Low wetted surface area

Equal extruder centerline height