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Custom Built Winders

Optimized Roll Production through Tailor-made Design


Macro manufactures a wide variety of winders that are custom-designed to suit unique applications.  With over 30 years of experience, backed by a robust engineering department, we are ready to take on those complicated winding projects that others are unable to handle.  We help our customers to carefully select the type of winder and features that will produce the best results for their unique application because choosing the right winder for the application is vital for successful results.


Through custom design, we are able to improve our customer's bottom line by reducing operating costs and improving their product:


  • Reducing, or often eliminating product waste (scrap)

  • Improving overall roll quality by perfecting tension control that allows for easier unwinding in future converting processes

  • Improving roll quality through straight edge cutovers and advanced transfer systems to produce zero-waste rolls that allow for useable film/sheet to be used right to the core

  • Utilizing automated sequences to reduce labour costs, improve product quality and enhance plant safety


Macro has successfully designed and manufactured over 100 winders over the past 35 years.  Some examples include the following types of material:

  • Flexible films of varying thickness

  • Dimpled sheet

  • Embossed films

  • Bubble wrap

  • PVB sheeting

  • EPDM (TPO) roofing material

  • Corrugated sheeting

  • Extensible and tacky films