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Advanced Extrusion Systems

Film and sheet extrusion solutions




Macro provides total extrusion solutions for production of value-added film and sheet. Armed with a large research and development group, an experienced engineering team, brilliant polymer scientists, packaging specialists and talented technicians, Macro provides its customers with more than machinery, we provide extrusion solutions accompanied by processing and film structure know-how.


Macro maintains a focus on versatility when designing equipment.  We tailor our machinery to match the production needs of our customers for today and the future.  Our commitment to innovation helps our customers reach their production goals through turn-key installations of robustly built film and sheet extrusion systems.


In conjunction with our extrusion systems, we collaborate on process development for new-to-market products through:

  • Film structure development
  • Polymer processing technology development
  • Rheology consulting
  • Polymer extrusion trials


Macro is also committed to improving operations efficiency and reducing downtime through comprehensive system audits, retrofit components and key components refurbishing.