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Turret Winders


Macro's AUTOMAX-T turret winders provide standard or customized solutions for winding needs that range from simple to highly sophisticated.  Sturdy and precise construction combined with state-of-the-art programmable controls makes our AUTOMAX-T turret winders a versatile winding solution guaranteed to provide years of trouble-free operation. 


AUTOMAX-T winders are available with different standard features to accommodate a range of winding and roll changing needs.  These features along with the latest winding options are designed to meet the converter's most demanding center winding requirements for sheeting or tubing.

  • Automax-TL:  Turret winder with lift-off shaft

  • Automax-TS:  Turret winder with swing-out shaft

  • Automax-TC:  Turret winder with cantilevered shaft


Standard Features

  • Face widths:  610 mm (24") to 3400 mm (134") - wider widths quoted upon request

  • Maximum roll widths:  500 mm (20") to 3300 mm (130")

  • Maximum roll diameters:  500 mm (20") to 1500 mm (60")

  • Maximum speed:  75 m/min (250 fpm) to 600 m/min (2000 fpm)

  • Configurations:  Single or dual stacked turrets

  • Airshafts:  75 mm (3") and 150 mm (6") - other shaft sizes quoted upon request

  • Cut-off:  Automatic patented rising knife or flying knife

  • Drive:  Flux Vector AC drive package

  • Tapered Tension

  • Tapered Pressure

  • Pre-rotation of airshaft


Available Options

  • Gap winding

  • Two-direction winding

  • Stacked configuration

  • Driven spreader roller

  • Tapeless electrostatic transfer

  • Tapeless enveloping transfer

  • Slitting and trim assemblies

  • Differential airshafts for inline slitting of multiple rolls

  • Automatic shaft handling

  • Automatic shaft extraction

  • Automatic core loading 

  • Automatic roll doffing

  • Multiple spindles for rapid indexing of small diameter rolls